Chemical structure of aromatic hydrocarbons pdf

You can recognize the aromatic compounds in this text by the presence of one or more benzene rings in their structure. The aromatic hydrocarbons contain at least one unsaturated ring system with the general structure c 6 r 6, where r is any functional group see fig. Today, an aromatic compound is any compound that contains a benzene ring or has certain benzenelike properties but not necessarily a strong aroma. Saturated hydrocarbons contain carboncarbon and carbonhydrogen single bonds. Aromatic compounds are cyclic structures in which each ring atom is a participant in alatex\pilatex bond, resulting in delocalized latex\pilatex electron density on both sides of the ring. Chemfacts the primary source of hydrocarbons is petroleum. Ultradur, pbt is a plastic polymer that contains an aromatic functional group. Properties of aromatic compounds introduction to chemistry. Introduction hydrocarbons are organic compounds consisting of cc and ch bonds.

The influence of the carbon sorbent surface structure and electron affinity of the molecule on the adsorption of poly and heterocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is evaluated. Pahs are uncharged, nonpolar molecules found in coal and in tar deposits. If different carbon atoms are joined together to form open chain of carbon atoms with single bonds, they are termed as alkanes as you have already studied in unit 12. Molecular elucidating of an unusual growth mechanism for. They are also produced by the thermal decomposition of organic matter. The parent hydrocarbon of this class of compounds is benzene c 6 h 6, which exhibits the resonance, or delocalization of electrons, typical of unsaturated cyclic structures. Chemicalabstractservicecasregistrynumbers,chemicalformulas,molecular weights, and lengthtobreadth ratios lb andshape descriptors of pahs listedin order of.

The simplest such chemicals are naphthalene, having two aromatic rings, and the threering compounds anthracene and phenanthrene. Historically, benzenelike substances were called aromatic hydrocarbons because they had distinctive aromas. Chemical and electronic properties of polycyclic aromatic. Aromatic hydrocarbons contain the 6membered benzene ring structure a that is characterized by alternating double bonds. Chemicalabstractservicecasregistrynumbers,chemicalformulas, molecular weights, and lengthtobreadth ratios lb andshape descriptors of pahs listedin order of increasing molecular weight. Pahs are abundant in the universe, and have recently been found to.

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